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Paperboard Trays come in all sizes and styles. Our Paperboard Trays are designed to fit your product and manufacturing needs. Our staff is dedicated to helping you determine the best scoring, folding, and design elements for your product and manufacturing process. We have gluing, windowing, and assembling capabilities within our packaging co-operative to complete your custom requirements.

Both virgin and recycled grades of paperboard are converted on our machines. Some paperboard grades such as Milk Carton are made with bleached fibers which are then polyethylene extruded on one (1) or two (2) sides. This polyethylene is engineered to provide an ideal grease resistant barrier for candy and bakery products. Whether you prefer virgin or recycled paperboard, we carry a range of calipers and substrates in house. If you are looking for a board specification we don’t happen to have in inventory, we have the capabilities and Mill relationships to procure the material needed to manufacture your custom tray.