SOFT-CEL Candy Pads
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Our decorative and protective SOFT-CEL Pads are also known as wadding, waffle and deco pads. But no matter how you refer to them, our line is called the most glamorous on the market today! As we enter our 30th year in serving the SOFT-CEL market, we will continue our fanatical approach to quality, service and on time delivery.

Our SOFT-CEL pads have always been available in 2 ply, 3 ply, and 5 ply constructions. We are always looking to innovate and improve our product offerings. Our talented production team has developed 7 and 9 ply constructions which are now serving as an innovative and elegant replacement to bubble wrap! Plain or printed, chocolate or white, we have a pad that will complement your exterior packaging. Custom or stock design printing is available to enhance the elegance of your pad. Our pad line is random printed Rotogravure, the finest technology offered today.

Rectangles, squares, hearts, circles, triangles, octagons or you name the shape, call on us for your SOFT-CEL pads. Everything we manufacture is custom made to your specifications. There are no minimums on order quantities. Our line is priced to cover your exact needs.

The Murnane Companies has one management – one philosophy – SERVICE. We are committed to customer satisfaction and deliveries as promised.